Open your hands.

Can I be honest for a moment? Sometimes I take ownership of the things God is doing in my life. And by ownership, I mean that I let my need for control take over and I hold onto it way too tightly. I have a natural tendency to take instruction and run with it. Something kind of like: Ok God, you want me to minister to ladies struggling with infertility? Awesome, I got this. Thanks for the inspiration.

Yeah....that leads to nowhere. It's true. When God is stirring passion in our hearts, He is wanting us to draw close to him. It's a partnership. Because honestly, the more dependent upon Him that we become, the more powerful we are.

It's the realization that nothing that comes out of me matters if it isn't from God. My passions must be an act of worship. That was a powerful thought shared by Lynn Cowell at the opening session of She Speaks. So loosen the grip on your passions, open your hands, and offer them (and all you're doing in them) to God as an act of your worship. For when you let go, you allow Him to take over, and that's when the magic happens.