let's have some fun

i know that i have professed my addiciton love for Pinterest a gazillion times. but it makes me happy, ok?! so today, i wanted to share a few of my favorite most recent pins. i literally just picked a handful of the last few i've pinned because they are totally share-worthy.

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1. Plaid, wool blankets. I can't get enough. Although I do not own any, my heart desires many. Just picture the picnics and photo shoots with these!

blanket blankets


2. hoodies. i adore hoodies. quite possibly my favorite thing about fall/winter. i am absolutely in love with this style of hoodie and i have no idea what it's called. anyone?

hoodie striped hoodie


3. I need a baby immediately for these. I just can't. I can't!



4. This. Perfect. Yes. Amen.

you're imperfect


5. All the things. I need them all. Every last one.