Hope Secured.

Hope. It's kind of my thing; except that most of my life was spent living by the dictionary definition of hope instead of the biblical. You see, the dictionary defines hope as "a desire or expectation that something will happen". A wish.

Too many of my years were spent wishing for something different.

But what I was failing to see is that Scripture mentions the word hope about 130 times. That's not just a fleeting thought. That's a thread, a cord that goes straight through the middle of our entire belief system.

When I look at Scripture, I see that we have hope that is an anchor for the soul. I see that a life without hope is one that ends. I see that our hope will not put is to shame. I see that we have a living hope through Christ.

Hope is a guarantee, not a wish.

And then the kicker. You know, my life verse Ephesians 3:20: God is able to do immeasurable more than anything we could hope or imagine through the power of Jesus Christ.

I have spent years focusing on the God Is Able portion of this verse. But what I've realized recently, is that God is telling us something more here. I think He's telling us that He is bigger than our feeble attempts at hopes and dreams. He's able to do far more than anything our mind can wish for. And so...our hope should be in Him. All of it. Because quite frankly, He's the only hope we could ever have that will not fail. It's an anchor. It's firm. It's secure. It's a guarantee.

hope is a guarantee