you know you love my random posts

y'all, i'm so excited! I hit the 200 follower mark. wahooo!
thanks so much to all of you lovely angels that read my crazy blog.
your comments really do make my day!

so this chick here learned herself some html coding and created those cute social media buttons on the right.
it's kind of a big deal to me haha!
i'd love if you followed me!
the facebook link now goes to a page just for the bloggy.
then of course there's twitter, instagram and pinterest.

oh.em.gee. you'll love this.
so yesterday, i was getting ready when i see my cat running through the bedroom with long strands of bubbly drool hanging out of her mouth. at first i though she was puking up ribbon or something and it was stuck.
so i'm chasing her, the dog is chasing her, chris is chasing the dog. meanwhile drool is everywhere and just keeps coming. i finally get to her and she freaks out and scratches up my face....mostly because the dog is right behind me. and then she goes into hiding. i'm freaking out, thinking she's dying. so i remembered seeing her in the shower right before the foaming occurred. and right there in the bottom of the shower was a big dollup of shampoo. i finally coaxed her out of hiding, wiped her mouth, and then starting sniffing her. yep, smelled just like some pantene shampoo. the sang cat ate shampoo and it was foaming in her mouth.
my world is one big circus. but fear not, all is right with the world now.

this week i have been like a starved raccoon, eating everything in sight. yep, finally at that whole pan of brownies. my justification: took me 4 days to do it. at least it wasn't all in one sitting.
what is up with that?
but i have had a nice little come to jesus meeting and walked/ran 2 miles yesterday. i think it's going to be my lunch time thing now. walking...eventually running it all.

i am so pumped for this weekend.
it's wedding dress shopping time for my lovely cousin and bff holli.
eeeeeek!!!! i can NOT wait!
then the grammy's are on sunday. i love an awards show y'all.

is valentine's day a love or hate thing for you?
i could care less either way. never have put too much thought into it. of my favorite bloggers of all times is an author, and she's doing an awesome valentines day "be His" gift package for high school/college age girls. so of course i bought one for my little sis in-law. i can't wait!!! she should get it monday, so then i'll tell you all about it.
there really is nothing better than surprises in the mail.

now go enjoy your weekend!