So let me just say that I was beat up this morning. No, I don't have any black eyes or busted lips. But my heart is a bit shaken.
Well remember my pity party post from yesterday. Well the things I've been struggling with were outlined in black and white over at Faith Barista's blog today! Now I don't know her, so there's no way she knew all I'm going through. But I do follow her blog. So imaging the dagger to my heart as I read the first sentence in my blog reader this morning:

“The choices are never easy.
We can nurse wounds of having been cheated in life, or we can be grateful and joyful, even though there seems to be little reason for it.
It is this power to choose that adds dignity to our humanity.”
~Gerald Sittser, Professor of Christian Spirituality

Wow. That's really all I can say. Because the rest of her post felt like it chopped my heart into tiny pieces. And now after reading her post, it's time to put me back together the right way. In a glass half-full kind of way. And here are the 4 rules of fearless living that she suggests to do that:

1. Choose the Harder Choice.

2. Keep It Real With Others.

3. Practice Seeing the Glass-Half-Full.

4. Pray For Courage To Make Mistakes.

So on this fair Thursday, I choose to be thankful. I may have to remind myself of that 100 times today, but I WILL be thankful.