when God does what you ask and then you get mad.

picture it: you pray and pray and pray specifically for something. like maybe even to the tune of "if this isn't your will, please don't let it work out."

then "it" doesn't work out. and your pissed because you didn't get your way.


if anything, the fact that god decided to answer your very specific prayer should be enough to drop you to your knees in thanks that he is a god that listens, and loves, and looks out for you.

this human heart is for the birds y'all. we speak out of both sides of our mouths - one side proclaiming to follow god no matter the cost, and the other side doing just the opposite.

what is it with us? we're human. we're weak. weak little ducklings.

sometimes i feel like i know that god is everything he says he is, yet i find myself still struggling to let it all go. but then, in those moments when i really do let it go - it's a freedom like nothing i've experienced.

the truth of the matter is, if we weren't weak, we wouldn't need him. we wouldn't turn to him and LEAN on him. i'm convinced that our struggles are not as much about the struggle itself as much as it is about us learning to let go and trust the one who wrote our story to actually let it play out.

do you ever get frustrated when someone interrupts you in the middle of a sentence. i've often heard people claim that god interrupted them. but what i find more often than not is that is us who are doing the interrupting. god has written our story and through our lives he's trying to tell it. but we keep interrupting chasing our own fleshly desires or bright shiny objects instead of letting.him.finish.

so on this cold blustery wednesday, my prayer for you dear bloggy friends is for you to let god finish what he has started in you. slow down, listen, and stop interrupting.