What's the dealio with essential oils?

i've posted a few times that i've finally jumped all in to the oily lifestyle, but i've yet to tell you exactly how. let me be clear from the start: while i am technically signed up as a distributor through Young Living, and technically COULD benefit from you buying from me, i am in no way asking you to. simply put - i joined as a distributor for the discount i get when ordering. and i am sharing with you today because i have truly seen a difference in using oils, and i just have to share it with you. i am also not solely committed to young living brand, as i also own oils from doterra and plant therapy. 

now that we've pushed that out of the way, let's chat about some oily goodness.

so, about two or so years ago, my sweet cousin started talking about the oils. i was skeptical, but intrigued. i spent about a year being skeptical of these things, but more and more (unrelated) people that i would run into were using them and claiming awesome results. there's been a major shift in my brain the last couple of years and i am inching closer and closer to a crunchy granola lifestyle -- haha. nonetheless, i picked some people's brains and decided to give them a try. i ordered just a few from doterra to start. lavender, lemon, peppermint, balance and digestzen. the first three can fix just about anything and if you're only going to buy a couple to test the waters, these would be the three you need. however, i didn't use them consistently, but when i did, i noticed a difference. there's also just something refreshing about using a natural remedy than a bunch of chemicals to treat things.

sidenote - i believe that when God created this earth, he gave us absolutely everything we needed to heal ourselves. now, this is not a knock on modern medicine AT ALL. i personally, just don't believe we need to pop a pill for every little thing. and i am most definitely not saying you should use oils instead of your prescribed medication. i use the oils in conjunction with my meds. but i also try to use the oils in place of over the counter medications. no matter which brand of oils you choose, make sure they are 100% pure therapeutic grade - otherwise, you may not be getting the full benefits.


so, last month, i decided to just jump all in, and i did it with young living. i bought the premium starter kit for $150 which gave me 10 oils AND a diffuser. it was just an awesome deal, and i am able to get the oils at wholesale prices, so for me, it just made sense. since my package arrived, i have put oils on everything. and my precious, skeptical husband who makes fun of my "magic potions" is now quite often requesting to be oiled up! we use lavender to help us sleep, we have a blend he uses to help his stomach issues, i use panaway and peppermint to help my headaches go away, lemon in my water, and thieves to send sickness packing. there's a couple from my pack that i haven't even opened yet, but i'm just waiting for the need to arise.

I think what really sealed the deal for me was when I got really sick from the flu shot this year. I loaded up some lavender and peppermint on my chest and was good as new the next day. About a month later I had a sinus infection, and so I diffused thieves and it too was tons better the next day (while also taking an antibiotic). i'm a total believer.

so while i'm new in this oily land, i'm excited to keep gaining more knowledge. and i'd love to help you gain more knowledge too! please, let me know if you have questions and i'm happy to help. i'll say it again - i'm not in it for the money. i have a job and a photography side business. my livelihood does not depend on oils, i just honestly believe this stuff works. i'll be sharing more here and there, so be on the lookout!

and just in case you decide you do want to order something, click HERE.