What I Learned This Week

So the fabulous Jo-Lynne over at Musings of a Housewife hosts the what I learned this week blog carnival. Most of the time I never have anything good for this, but this week was an exception!
I learned something very very very imoportant: Read the fine print.
You see this is my favorite soup:

I have been eating this soup and only this soup since elementary school. I hate Campbell's soup - all of it. This is it. Noodle soup. NO CHICKEN. However, I think that I purchased a couple of boxes that were very very wrong.
See typically, the chicken noodle soup by Lipton looks like this:

The GREEN has always been the noodle soup.
Not so for me this week. In the regular noodle soup picture (green), above, do you see where it says "with real chicken broth"? Well on my current box with the green lable, it says "with Chicken".
So you can imagine the horror when I poured it into a bowl to prepare and saw chunks of freeze dried chicken bits! EEEEEWWWWWWWWW!!!!!
So I tried to pick it all out and eat anyway - after all, I am on the no take out challenge and I'm broke, so very important to eat what I have.
By far, one of the worst lunches I have ever had.
I crushed a whole sleeve of crackers in one bowl to try and mask the taste.
It did not work.
Good thing I'm taking diet pills to curb my apetite.
Just awful and traumatizing.
Yes, traumatizing. I have serious food issues and this is a very serious problem.
But seriously, it's serious.