Welcome, welcome!

Welcome to my new space! Same ol' goodness from my other home, Outside the Frame, but with a little more room to grow! Over the next several months I'll be adding things here, but for now, it's just a face lift on the old blog-a-roo. So make sure to update all of your feed readers so we can still be friends ok?

You see, God has been working on some dreams in my heart lately. And it's not that I'm not sharing to be private. It's that I can't quite articulate them yet. I tried desperately to explain it all to a friend the other night and it was a disastrous bumbling mess. I think she got the idea at least.

Here's what I CAN articulate. God has clearly whispered in my heart that He wants me to be an advocate of Hope. Hence the new blog, Hope for the Moment. But what that looks like, I'm not entirely sure. It could be public speaking, leading groups, or any number of things. And so, while I'm not completely sure of my next steps, I felt the need to at least take A step, which for me, is creating this new space to grow into.

So here's to baby steps. Sometimes God waits for us to move before He does....so here I am Lord, moving slowly and ready for what You have next.