Weekend Plans

Wow! It's Friday and there's so much to do this weekend! I think I'm babysitting tonight! That should be fun. I'm excited.
THEN, there's Saturday. Oh my goodness, Saturday is packed! I have school tomorrow morning until 2:00. Then I'm going to take some pre-prom pictures of a co-worker's son. Then off to Smith's Olde Bar to photograph one of our friends performing and Chris might play with him. Then of course there's Sunday. Since Chris works on staff, we're usually there from 8-12. I'll be taking a ton of pictures then too for a commercial we're putting together. Then lunch with friends, a quick nap, and back for the student ministry that evening. Voila. Weekend gone.
Isn't it something how we wait all week for the weekend so we can cram as much as possible into it and then complain b/c we didn't get any rest!
I'll definitely post some of the pictures from my busy days!
I was also hoping to decide on the paint colors for each room of our apartment. I'm going to post some picures of our apartment a little later because I need your help. I need to know what colors will match what's already there. AND there's a couple of colors I've just been dying to incorporate, so somehow I've got to make it all work. My brain is seriously on creative overload and I need someone to make some decisions for me.
THEN I'm stressed out because I really want to have my creative space ready for pictures for nect Tuesday's "This Is" post....but I just don't think I'll have it all together. Maybe I'll just make pictures of all the stuff in the closet! :)

Anyway, I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!