The story continues….

So, the last week of May we received a call from our case worker with a sure match. Birth mom (we’ll call her “BM”) had matched with a family and they unexpectedly pulled out. BM was due with a baby girl in 2 weeks! She was in our state and we had a conference call with her and she matched with us. We came up with and paid out a large chunk of the fee. Then, Memorial Day weekend we went to visit her. Chris and I both felt weird after the meeting but we just thought it was Satan messing with our heads.

We were pretty sure she was in early labor while we were visiting with her, but she wouldn’t go to the hospital. The next Thursday we got the call that she was in labor, so Chris and I packed up and headed for the hospital. She wasn’t there. We got a hotel in the town and were planning to go back to the hospital Friday morning. Instead, we got a call that she was basically caught in the act of scamming us for more money. The deal was off. She had no intentions of going through with it. In the state of GA, the BM has 10 days to change her mind after birth. And so, we drove home in silence…hearts broken. In 2 weeks our world had been turned upside down and we were planning life with a precious little girl.

Over the weekend it was still a roller coaster of highs and lows – we may still get her, we may not.

By the time Monday came, I was just ready and relieved for it to be over. It was like living a bad dream.

Our jobs had already been notified that we were going to get our baby, and then Monday we both returned to work and had to answer all the awkward questions. It was terrible.

Chris was ready to call it all quits. And then I told him that I knew God had a baby for us. I was certain. And I think he saw it in my eyes and heard it in my voice that it was not quite time to give up. Not yet.

To be continued…