updates galore!

are you ready for lots and lots of updates?
well stay tuned, cause they're a comin!

over the next few days i shall enlighten you with everything you need to know about:

  • my 30th birthday which turned into a wonderful surprise!
  • a weight loss/beachbody/turbo/shakeology update
  • all things infertility related
  • a new state...yet again
  • new friends
  • photo session share posts
  • holli's wedding! holla!
  • graduation
  • little sister's in college!
  • and we've got to throw some mama's kitchen love in the mix
in other random news...did you know herbal essences came out with a body wash?!?!?!
my love for their original scented shampoos runs deep and so of course they had a body wash in it.
i literally think i could sniff myself all day.
i know you'll be waiting ;)
for now, i'm off to a coffee date.
peace and blessings, peace and blessings. (to fully understand that reference i will need you to look up "my pushup bra helped me get my man back" on youtube. should be the first one. it's my favorite evah.)