tuney time!

I'm a sucker for a good teeny-bopper movie.
It's a sickness; I'm sure of it.
And as a result, Pitch Perfect ranks with one of my all time favorite movies.
So, I present you with the finale of the movie as my fave song of the week.
Have you every watched a part of a movie that just made your stomach roll with happiness.
Yep, that's the ending of this movie for me.
The part where he does the fist pump..... melts me every. single. time!
What? You wanted some real radio play music?
Well ok, if you insist.
I'm a huge Ingrid Michaelson fan. 
Like fo' real...love her.
She's some of my favorite chill or driving music.
And I also think I have an inner hipster that lives in my soul. 
That's what happens when you lead bible studies for college kids - you become one of them.
So, enjoy Parachute.
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that's it. easy peesy.