Tunes Time!!!

It's Tuesday Tunes and I'm back to join the fun!

The last few weeks I have definitely been listening to a lot of "trust" music because this whole journey to north carolina definitely requires A LOT of trust. But most of those songs I've posted here at one time or another. 
since the big move, life is making a lot more sense. so my music choices haven't been so heavy.
and now it's time to share with you!
ok, so what's been making me have happy ears?
well y'all, i love miranda lambert. i do. and i love her new song, "mama's brokenheart".
it's just fun and i love it for no other reason than that! so there!
next on the list is a song called "made alive" by citizens. it's fun, upbeat, and a reminder of the new life i have in jesus. 

Now...your turn! Link up your favorite music posts!