Time To Check Yoself

The only thing about Christmas being so close that bums me out is that it's time to check up on all those new years resolutions/goals that were set this time a year ago.

For me, I feel confident that I have not completed any of them.


But this year I've really had a lot pop into my head to change for 2011.


In the next few days I'll definitely be pulling together Project 2011 - or that also known as new years resolutions.

In thinking of all this, I think I'd like to see a life coach. I've really been thinking for a while now about going back to see a counselor. I quit going when money got tight, but I just really have a lot of stuff that I still need to work through.

And this coming year, I've got one really huge goal and I think having a life coach would be instrumental in helping me achieve it.

I have to accomplish SOMETHING!

So how have your resolutions turned out so far?
FYI - you still have like 20 days to do some of them!

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