This and that

hi friends! i've got nothing of importance to share today - just a few bits and pieces :) we've officially decorated the yard for halloween. this is as adventurous as i get with halloween, but it's just too cute.

last monday we met with our adoption consultant. Eeeek! it was great and informational and we are so ready to pull the trigger. i'll be out of town next week, so we're turning in all of our paperwork once i get back.

chris turned 34 at the end of september! hello mid-thirties! we only took one obligatory selfie. that beard is outta control. you'll be happy to know i attacked him with a razor this weekend and he is much more groomed.

accidental epic pic here of molly and wallace. she was looking out the window and he snuck up on her. i was trying to get the photo of them both looking out the window, but about that time she realized he was there with her and completely freaked out. too funny.

yesterday i came across this quote, and it's just perfect for this whole adoption journey. it is absolutely out of my ability and far beyond my resources. but God is most definitely able.