things i thought you should know

i have a 7 page paper to write and a 6 minute speech to memorize.
it is my last 2 days of school until july.
this should be motivation enough to get it done.
but no. not i.
i have spent the last 24 hours in a serious state of PROCRASTINATION.
like in the worst way.

i have shaved my dog.
he looks brilliant by the way.

i have vacuumed my furniture.
we got a new vacuum and i kid you not, i just sent chris a text proclaiming my love for the awesomeness of it.
best $79 i've spent in a while.

a vacation has been booked.
this infertile myrtle is heading to myrtle beach!
booty in the sand is desperately needed.

the a/c is out in our apartment. it will be 7:30 tonight until it's fixed.
i would not have survived too well in an era without a/c.

i have watched marathons of some stupid reality show about people getting evicted.
quite interesting.

annnnd i've written 2 posts for today.
i need some motivation.
but i'm sure tomorrow i'll be whining because i was up all night writing papers when it's my own stupid fault.