The Weight Game

it's a never ending battle for me.
the "w" word.
and weight loss.

i have lots of excuses for why i'm not losing, but they're just that....excuses.
i don't like that word either.
however, i fully blame taco bueno.
hahaha - just kidding, just kidding. kind of.
i could eat my weight in bean burritos there....daily. and trust me, that's a lot of bean burritos.

but in true fashion, i'm always attempting a new approach.
so this weekend we joined weight watchers.
now i realize that the celeb endorsers of weight watchers are getting paid to lose weight.
but heck, they look good.
and i've done ww before and had great success.
so i'm hoping that continuing on with fresh clean foods along with the points game, success will happen.
chris likes making a game out of the points....and of course he gets many more points than me.
and well that just makes me mad!
i mean seriously, his lunch is my whole allowance for the day.
but, it has to be done.
no ifs ands or buts.

so today i pulled out all of my ww cook books and the time has come to get creative in the kitchen...and with points!

stay tuned for befores and afters.