the maze that is my life.

When you were little, did you ever play with the little plastic maze toys? You know, the ones with a silver ball that you had to tilt the maze ever so slightly in order to get the ball out of the maze on the other side? Little did I know while playing with those toys that one day that's exactly what my life would look like. Presently, I feel like a little blind lab rat that has been thrown into a maze desperately trying to find my way out. Oh and running into all of the walls as hard as I can.

I have a million examples of how I've been feeling lately. Maybe more like I'm locked in a corridor with lots of doors and each one I run to slams shut.

Actually, that's an answer to prayer. I mean honestly, my exact prayer has been "let the right doors open and the wrong ones close". Yet somehow I am getting completely overwhelmed by the amount that are closing. But that's the story of life right? There are lots of doors and lots of directions, but only one is the actual right one.

In the midst of confusion, it is easy to see this as God being a jerk. Like he just threw me in the maze and said "go find your way out."

But that's completely contrary to His character. His word says that He will never leave me or forsake me. It says that He knows the plans He has for me. It says that He loves me and if I am lost He will leave everything behind to come find me.

So yes, my life may feel like a maze right now. But if I slow down, breathe deep, and listen to His voice guiding me I am sure to be led out of the maze with much fewer bruises than trying to run all on my own.

Friends. If your life is feeling a bit like chaos, I encourage you to slow down. Breathe deep. Ask God to guide you and then listen to His voice. He will take you by the hand and walk through the pits and madness with you. You never ever have to be in that place of crazy all by yourself.