The Laundry Room

by now you all know i love the "show us your life" linky party over at kelly's korner blog.
this week we're talking laundry rooms.
now, first let me show you mine.
brace yourselves - it's not at all a looker.

please keep in mind that i live in an apartment, so there's not really a lot of apartments that have fabulous laundry rooms!
see all that junk on the shelves?
that's a result of losing a ton of cabinet space in the kitchen compared to our last place.

but, but, but...i do have dreams and aspirations for a lovely laundry room.
it's actually a must have when we finally buy a house.
and pinterest has helped me to dream for this lovely someday laundry room.
i'm gonna need it to be a walk in room, have options for creativity and open shelving.
i think if i had one of these rooms i'd completely love laundry time.