the joy of my life

it's friday friends!!!! and fridays mean something awesome over at kelly's korner.
today we're showing off our nieces and nephews.
woot woot!
i have 2 nephews, 1 niece, and 1 unknown on the way! eeeek!
words absolutely cannot express my love for these kids.
like seriously, no words.
my family history is a little weird. 
and due to a lot of circumstances out of my control, i missed a lot of life with my brothers. and by a lot, we're talking...well really like 29 years. i didn't know them growing up, and when i came in the picture, they all lived out of state. So while I saw them once a year, it wasn't really enough to build strong relationships.
it has been difficult to have wanted closeness with them for so long, but it's hard to do when you're 700 miles apart.
so enter last summer when i packed my happy little butt up and moved to texas.
yep, sure did.
but what i have gotten out of the last 8 months has filled my heart oh so full.
i don't have kids of my own due to a long infertile journey, but these 3, soon to be 4, hold my heart in their hands.
i've had random lunches with these sweet faces.
this is jade and jordi. they're my oldest brother's children and they're just the most precious love bugs in the whole wide world.
this one here....yep a heart breaker on the rise for sure.

there's been saturdays at the ball field.
honestly no other way i'd rather spend a saturday.

birthday parties. seriously, my first birthday party with her. jade's is coming this summer!

slumber parties. heart overflowing here. 
family photos. this is one of my faves from that day ;) 
i guess i should probably acknowledge the ones that made them, haha.
this family right here.....i love beyond words.
also last summer, my baby brother had his first child.
i flew in the morning after he was born.
i never knew how instantaneous love could was love at first site.
this is cove. the most precious little fella.
cove had a cleft lip and palette, so the first few months were quite the journey.
he had his first surgery in the fall and  it's amazing what doctors can do. 
this sweet boy still has a long road ahead, but he's gonna make it out just fine.
his diddy. look at that baby smile!!!!

i could seriously eat him. he's got the fattest little legs and i love, love, love them.

little man has a tight grip on my hair here. he's a strong one, that's for sure.
hanging with uncle chris. i'd be scared of the beard too little man. 

and only the world's cutest bumble bee! and he's got a baby bro/sis on the way!
for christmas i got this awesome necklace with all 3 of their names on it. looks like i'm going to have to add a name soon!
in all honesty, the past 8 months have been quite a....well let's go with "transition" for chris and i.
but the time i have got to spend with my family it worth it all and more.
i am just beyond thankful to have the opportunity to strengthen my relationships with all 3 of my brothers and get to be a part of their lives.