Yes, my friends, I am happy to report that I made it an entire 7 days without a single piece of sugar!

Now, it wasn't exactly the nicest week I've had, but I made it! AND just by cutting it all out I lost 3 pounds! Yippee!
So I've decided that each week I will cut something else out. While still keeping up with no sugar, this week I am cutting out all fried foods. Now I very rarely cook fried foods at home. But that's the home. When we go out I get fries with everything. Or chicken tenders.
Sooo....absolutely no fried foods this week!
And next week I'll be cutting down on carbs - not out completely. Can't do that!
So I'm feeling great about all these new changes. About a month ago we got a gym membership but that's just not working for my schedule. So instead, we're making an adjustment and bought an exercise bike. It's right in our living room so I can multi-task while pedaling! I think this is going to make a world of difference!
And that's enough on my weight issues!
Now for a little weekend recap.
Um let's see....oh I know! I had a full on total meltdown in the mall parking lot Friday night!
Yep, that's me - full of random meltdowns.
The culprit: Life's pressures that I put on myself.
I'm so ridiculously concerned with not being a failure - and deep down I know I' not, but sometimes I can't help but feel that way. I mean what's wrong with me that I can't finish school in a timely manner? I just got overwhelmed with the lack of accomplishment (as i see it) in my life and totally fell apart. It just feels like a big confusing circle I'm running in.
Poor Chris.
Sometimes I wonder what goes through his mind when I have these moments.
Like "What was I thinking marrying this mess!"
Oh well, he's stuck with me now!
And to make everything all better, i got a new outfit! Haha!