Spring is coming.

Winter is a hard season. The ground freezes up and it seems like signs of life have withered away; and with that frozen ground, you can't possibly cultivate new life. I think there is something to be said for a season of hibernation. Bears have the right idea.

Just as there are seasons on the earth, there are seasons in our lives. And those life seasons don't always coincide with the temperature outside. For many of us, our winter seasons are painful, bleak, colorless...and we'd love to hibernate and hide from it all; take a long nap and wake up to the hard times being over. But that's not how we grow. There is a purpose for every season. Just as with Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, each is necessary for the other. Each season is preparing the way for the next.  And if we've learned anything from watching this world around us, we can know confidently that the seasons WILL change. Winter can't last forever. Spring is coming. New life is coming. New joy is coming. The "death" that winter brings is only preparation for new life to come.

This baby journey has been full of seasons. FULL of them I say. But I am at a point where I can honestly be thankful for our story. I have had opportunities to share pieces of God with others that I may not have had a chance to otherwise. I am thankful for what God has taught (and continues to teach) me. I have come to know Him so much more intimately. I feel that my faith is stronger than it has ever been. In the waiting, the winter, I have found respite in Him. He is my hibernation place. I'm genuinely thankful to just have a small part in God's story in this world. 

God has proven himself so faithful. Not that He needs to prove it. But in His kindness, He has. And He has been faithful since the very beginning of time. Faithful to us even when we don't deserve it. Because we know He is faithful, we can take hope in the fact that the season WILL change.  The hardened ground of winter WILL welcome spring. 

Your spring is coming.