one of my favorite daily devotions is #SheReadsTruth. i seriously love them.
and during this Lenten season, they have launched a #SheSharesTruth experiment allowing all of us to ponder on a scripture and then share it with our community and the #SheReadsTruth community.
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She Shares Truth

this week, we were challenged to look through Psalm 38.
this particular psalm is one where David is truly anguished over the sin he has committed.
(remember? he had an affair, got her pregnant, and to cover it up, killed her husband? yeah, that one).

it made me think.
how often are we gut-stricken with remorse for our short comings.
i'll be the first to admit, there are times where i just throw up an "i'm sorry Lord" and continue on my way.
but shouldn't we be a little more remorseful?
shouldn't we care a bit more?

granted, i've never done anything like, say, kill a man.
so i'm sure that my level of  remorse would significantly increase with the level of horror that i do.
HOWEVER, didn't Jesus die the same horrid death for my so-called "insignificant" sins as he did for those that are much, much worse?
should my remorse not also be parallel with my thankfulness that i'm forgiven, either way?
i think so.
i also think many of us have become numb to our shortcomings.
selfishness. pride. self-righteousness.
what if we sincerely asked God to search our heart and show us the areas in which we need improvement?
what if we asked Him to show us the areas in which we needed Him most?
and like David, what if we decided to wait for God's answer?
what if?