so we had our photos taken.

i have a confession. as a photographer, it deeply pains me to say this. but until last weekend, chris and i have never had professional pictures taken by someone else. our pictures usually involve a self timer or remote. we mean to get them done...but then something happens and then it doesn't happen.


but this year, the lovely katie snyder helped us make it happen. she's all things great and fabulous. and we had a great session.


it's strange being on the other side of the camera. and picking outfits, oh my word that was almost a disaster! like hours of trying on clothes, going and buying new clothes, almost in tears, mean things said in the mirror. it was definitely not pretty.

but it totally paid off. we're so happy with how they turned out! and now i must actually print some of them to hang and frame. oh i just can't wait!