Show Us Your Life - Adoption

many of you know that one of my favorite blogs is kelly's korner.
every friday she hosts a link-up called "show us your life" and each week is a different topic.
i participate every now and then, you know when i think i have something good to write about.
i've mentioned a couple times about my heart for adoption.
over the last year, especially the last couple of months, god has been doing something crazy in my heart.
so you can imagine my excitement/surprise/"ok god" when i saw that this week's SUYL was adoption.
i'm surrounded by it!

but i am so excited about this link up because i'm really hoping to meet up with some cool chicas that can offer a glimpse into this crazy adoption world.

chris and i are at the very, very beginning stages. the whole process is so overwhelming.
like seriously, i don't even know where to start.
come to find out, our church has a whole adoption ministry, so we're hoping to meet up with someone there just to get an overview of what all is involved, and then determine where to go from there.

i think we're pretty set on international.
oh wow.

it's really weird with everything going on in my heart.
as you know we saw a fertility specialist back in november, and he thinks we have lots of hope.
but i honestly have absolutely no desire to do anything with that right now.
of course i'd love to have a baby biologically someday, but the pull of adoption is so strong on my heart right now, i just feel that's where god wants us to start.
i don't want to adopt as a result of fertility issues.
i don't ever want my child to think they were our plan b.
my heart has just been so broken over the hundreds of thousands of orphans in this world and to know that i could give at least one a home....well that makes one less child without love.

to be honest, this step is very scary.
there are lots of hoops to jump through.
lots of funds to come up with.
but i've got some faith in jesus.
and we've got some ideas.

so at this point, we're just trying to do some homework...researching and praying.
just trying to get a picture of what this road looks like. and as scary as it is, it's as equally exciting.
breathe in. breathe out. it's a lot.