Show Us Your China!

Happy Friday! Today over at Kellys Korner, her "Show Us Your Life" topic is China!
Now, I've never really been big on china. I mean, maybe it's because I don't understand the whole concept. Or maybe it's a generation difference. Or it could be that I don't ever have fancy dinners.
Sadly, I've not invested very much into my dinnerware collection!
Can we say IKEA dinner set for $19.99?

BUT, all that being said, I do have some china. When my mom passed away, I inherited her china. She had Royal Doulton Old Country Roses.
Oh my goodness how she LOVED this pattern. She had wanted it for years, and throughout the years my grandmother bought her several place settings! I mean she really loved this!
My aunt has the same pattern but in blue. I LOVE it! I've told her a thousand times she has to leave that to me when she's gone! Hear that Sissy???
I've recently been introduced to everyday fine china. Now that is something I'd like to invest in. Something that's nice and could be used everyday. Here are the two patterns that make my heart skip a beat:

This is Vera Wang's Wedgewood Glisse Collection. I love, love love it! If any of my family that reads this would like to purchase this for me, I would gladly accept it! hahaha! Just kidding! But really.

And then there's this lovely pattern by Lenox called Voila.

What's your china like?