shopping for good.

i love gift giving. i wish i had an unlimited gifting budget....sadly, i do not.  but when i do get to buy, i love buying things that do good. things that make the recipient happy and do good for the maker. and since it is the season of giving, i thought i'd throw out a few companies that love. i'm sort of in love with these three companies. these companies help to create sustainable living for those less fortunate around the world. livings that they can be proud of. a consistent income at a fair price for the work they put into it. the ability to sustain their families without having to give their children up for adoption. a chance at a better life.

Noonday Collection - beautiful jewelry

31 Bits - beautiful Ugandan paper bead jewelry

Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee - drink coffee. do good.

Now, this next store I discovered while on vacation this summer and I fell in love. Think Anthropologie meets Jesus. Yes please. It's called Altar'd State. Now the store gives 1% of all sales back to charity, but on top of that, they carry certain brands that give back (including 31 Bits). Did I mention I LOVE this store?

Need other ideas? Ok, how about Live FashionABLE. Your purchases creates sustainable business in Africa. I know I've got a lot of African things here, but think about's an opportunity for us in the Western world to help the poorest of poor to have a chance at a sustainable life.

I also love Sevenly. Each week the purchases support a different charity. There's something for EVERY passion, so check it out!

Lastly, Fashion & Compassion. I discovered this company while at the She Speaks conference this summer and I just love it. They make lots of different bags and jewelry and their company benefits women all over the world, not just in one country. They have the Ugandan beads, but also products helping Ecuador, India, Rwanda and the USA.

I have personally made purchases from each of these companies (except FashionABLE) and just love all of their missions. In this season of giving, these companies give you an opportunity to double your giving power. Check them out and buy something!


***This is not a sponsored post, just a declaration of my love for good things and things that do good.***