She Speaks 2014 - Oh My.

This past weekend I packed up, headed to the Charlotte, NC area, and joined 800 other women for the She Speaks Conference put on by Proverbs 31 Ministries. This conference is for women who feel a stirring in their soul from God to share a message that He's given them, whether through speaking or writing. This was my "ok God" moment. For years I've had a very hidden dream of speaking in some capacity. And several months ago, after a complete panic attack as a result of fear of following this hidden dream (that God was saying it was time to start preparing for), I signed up for She Speaks. This was my step of faith. I went knowing no one and knowing not the full picture of what I was doing there. But I was there. I was listening. I met a lot of awesome ladies....and in the midst realized I was a very extroverted introvert.

My soul is completely overwhelmed. I think I have enough blog material just from these 2.5 days to write for years. God stirred so much in my heart. At one point, I was so overwhelmed I almost had to excuse myself to just go bawl my eyes out. But...with 800 women, there wasn't much space, so I just turned it into prayers not to break down to the ugly cry right there in front of everyone. There is SO much to process. And I am so very glad that I actually went.

She Speaks Attendee