yesterday i mentioned that my heart was in need of a revival of sorts.
sometimes i just feel like i need someone to press my reset button.
i'm really kind of in a funk. so when i looked up the exact definition of revival, i knew that it was exactly what my soul needed.



restoration to life, consciousness, vigor, strength, etc.

do you ever feel like you need that? a restart? like i think i'm in a place where i need a hard reboot. you know like when your laptop is frozen, so you can't do a proper shutdown, but instead just have to force it off? yep, that's what i need.

i feel like i've just kind of been existing lately, without any impact on anything.
i feel defeated in a lot of ways, and dreams i once had feel like they will never be a reality. like every possible option is road blocked.
it's a season of not knowing where i belong; where i fit. that is probably one of the worst feelings ever.
a lost identity of sorts.

some days i real feel like i've overcome, and then some days it's like i took a million steps backward.
ever have days like that?

all i know is that i really don't like it.
not one bit.
i hope that this is just the winter season for my soul and with spring, new things will be born in me.
i definitely need some bursts of color.