Recipes Galore!

with hubby's newfound gluten allergy, I have been on the hunt for some awesome gluten-free/corn-free recipes. and i found some real gems! let's start with the wild rice broccoli casserole. i used THIS RECIPE by the pioneer woman, but changed just a couple of things. instead of broccoli, i used baked chicken (hubby hates broccoli). and my carrots were bad, so i used just celery, garlic and onion. i also cut the recipe in half and made a smaller dish. but it was super yummy and will be on our menu again!

next up - flemming's potatoes. oh my goodness gracious these are delicious. we had these at fleming's steakhouse while on vacation in florida this year. i could not get enough. well, i found the recipe and it was fabulous. i made a slight snafu and used pepper jack cheese instead of monterrey jack, but i thought it was perfect! I also didn't have any leeks, so used about 1/4 of a medium onion instead.

lastly, i leave you with spicy shredded beef. oh my goodness gracious, it was amazing. could. not. get. enough. i made a few changes. i used 2 jalapenos instead of the serrano. also, i added a chipotle pepper. i was out of cumin, so that didn't make the cut either. but this was by far the most delicious meat i've ever made. i also do not have a slow cooker, so i used my dutch oven. just followed all the directions and cooked about 3.5 hours for a 2.5 chuck roast. prepare your taste buds for awesomeness. i also made a chipotle sour cream sauce to eat with it and i think the tang made it!

now....go cook yourself one of these!