Quiet - but not silent.

hey y'all.
i know, i've been a little quiet lately.
life has kind of....exploded a bit.

chris has been so sick for months.
march was particularly rough.
we finally found out last week what was wrong....mono.
32 years old and finally got him some mono.
luckily, as of right now, i haven't caught it.
i mean since he's been sick so much i've kind of refused any kind of kissy kissy.
that's real good for a marriage. lol.

i graduate in 31 days! t.h.i.r.t.y. o.n.e. d.a.y.s.!!!!!
my cap and gown came in the mail this week and i just may wear it to work in.
seriously the only thing stopping me is the amount of dog hair that would get on it!

i'm having a little photo shoot next week that i'm excited about.
and nervous.
this is really the first time i've been a customer on the other side of the camera.
the pressure is ridic!
but i'll be sure to share the goodness when it's all done.
i bought 4 new dresses to choose from!

we're desperately trying to pull together a beach vacay because this little family of two is in dire need of a break!

the ridiculous amount of sickness chris has experienced over the last 3.5 months has also significantly prolonged our baby making process.
it's kind of sad because when we started seeing the new doctor in december, there was a real possibility that we'd be pregnant by May. it finally seemed attainable.
and well, here we are almost to May, and i've been on birth control for 4 months.
i was only supposed to be on it for 2 months.
i can't come off the birth control until chris's numbers change.
and it all just seems to be nothing but road block after road block.
and at some point in the game you have to come to grips that it really may never happen.
you may not "win".

and while you may say, oh 4 months is nothing.....well it's actually an awful lot when this journey has lasted almost 10 years.
so yes, every day counts in this mess. every single day.

well, there you have it.
a whirlwind catch up of life.
i'll be back in the blogging game soon.
probably more like May.
but soon!