some days... pinterest is the best medicine.
after the emotional roller coaster of the last two weeks, i think a blog of happiness is in order. i can say for sure that the mixture of the holiday season along with this baby mess has me super missing my mom. you know what i love about pinterest? you can literally type in anything you're feeling and it will give you greatness. so i typed in "missing my mom" and this perfection popped up:


and then there was this. not under the missing my mom title. just in goodness in general ;)
i need this.

have i ever told you the story about chris being my lobster? ok, so before we started dating, we had some mutual friends, all of which had told me chris liked me. his nickname then was C-Bass. and that was all i, or anyone, knew him as. but, i thought it was SEAbass. so of course i was all like awww....he's like my lobster, but my seabass. but then i found out it was C-Bass and it completely ruined it all.
turned out he was my lobster after all ;)

i am absolutely in love with this. i want to do a wall of "t"s.
really bad.
i mean i just love everything about this.
i think mine would incorporate a bit more color though.

the PERFECT entry table for those areas with no room for a big table.
i love it!
i think i'm gonna have to do this too.

and i leave you with the greatness that gets me through each day.
you guessed it.
my life verse.
god is able.
yes he is!