one little word.

have you heard about this one word thing?
i've seen it on several blogs i follow over the past couple of days.
it's one word that sums up your "resolutions" for the year. one word to incorporate into your life to make positive changes.
as i've read others' posts on this, i have been trying to come up with a word.
and now i think i'm ready to join the masses on this little one word thingy.

my word for 2013 is Jesus.

now hear me out. i'm not trying to be super christian or anything like that.
i genuinely need to focus more on jesus this year.
i need more of him and less of me in everything i do.
i need jesus as part of my every day.
to start my day, in my marriage, to end my day.
i need jesus to help me with my eating changes. with my fertility issues. with my life-management. with my photography. with school. with friends. with finances.

you see there's not a single area of my life that i don't need jesus.
so that's what i want to focus on this year.
i want to focus on jesus and through that, i should have no problem achieving the goals i've set for myself in this here 2013.