New Decor!

I have a chronic problem. You see, I am a Pinterest addict, but it's not too often that I actually DO the things I pin. 
I have been dying to redo our bedroom.
It just needed to be done. 
I have been completely obsessed with gray and yellow. And as a result, I have been on a pinning frenzy!
So this weekend, after apparently effectively sharing my vision with Chris, we were on a mission to find all of the pieces...on a budget.
First, let's take a look at our bedroom before.
Before heading out to buy all things new, we rearranged the room. We moved our dresser into the closet, freeing up lots of space in the room itself. We pulled a few pieces from other rooms in and created a sitting area. And then we were off!
The winning pieces came from Target.
We started with HomeGoods, Marshall's and TJ Maxx, but couldn't find anything we absolutely loved.
I should have known Target would have met all my needs ;)
We got the quilt, shams and two pillows for $69!

I also bought a yellow blanket to go under the quilt since it's not as thick as our previous comforter.

This lamp....I am completely smitten with.

So of course I have lots of plans for the walls. We have a big open wall that I want to put 2 big black and white photos on. 
But I also wanted to paint something for our room, and I had the perfect wall for it.
I love dandelions and I wanted to make a sort of abstract piece.
So Sunday afternoon, I dove in!

I love it!
So what greatness did you do this weekend?