Mothers - I Salute You

So this weekend, we got a new puppy, Wallace.
He's precious and so much fun.
However, Tuesday was my first day home alone with him all day while trying to work.
Oh wow.
I literally went non-stop and got nothing accomplished.
I passed out on the couch when Chris got home.
Simply exhausted.
I imagine this is only a smidge of what stay at home moms experience.
And for that, mothers, I salute you!
This is a tough job - and I'm just dealing with a dog!

But I love the little fella.
He's so stinking cute....and smart!
We're starting to get him in the habit of a few things and it's blowing our mind how quickly he's picking up on it.

Currently he's laying on the couch making an absolute mess with a bone...but I'm cool with that.
He's happy.

Ok, so back to all things exciting in September!
This Saturday I'm going to my first ever blogger meet up. Woot woot.
We're going painting. Yay!
I love those painting parties!!!
And of course my cuz will be there, so it'll be awesome.

Then Tuesday we're going to the Rangers game.
This will be my first Texas sporting event. SO excited.

Then Wednesday I'm starting a bible study at our new church.
I'm beyond excited about this!

So yeah, that's life...random as ever! ;)