Monday Notes.

Monday's get a bad wrap. So instead of another "whomp, whomp" Monday, let's talk about happy things.

  • HOME STUDY is done! This Saturday we completed our home study for our adoption. Hurdle 1 - complete. And while I feel like we are running a hurdle race and we've just cleared the first one (and there are more to come), it's important to celebrate that we cleared the first one. It's not officially approved just yet, but we survived the visit and interview, so that is good news!
  • As a result of the home study, I am happy to say that every cabinet and drawer is organized. Now, not a single one was opened or admired during the home visit, but hey, it's all pretty and unpacked. The house is also pretty epically spotless.
  • I've mentioned multiple times my love for Jen Hatmaker and last week her newest book released. It arrived at my doorstep on Tuesday and it MADE MY DAY! I haven't started reading this one, but I'm so excited to jump into it this week. Also in that lovely package was Emily Freeman's newest, Simply Tuesday. I started reading this one right away and I'm loving it so far. Add these to your bookshelves, mmkay?
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  • Last weekend i discovered the most amazing chocolate pie i've ever tasted in my life. it has since consumed my brain and i have searched the interweb high and low for all the chocolate pie recipes. i'm doing this whilst simultaneously refraining from purchasing the ingredients to make said pie. and i could make this much easier and just go buy a whole pie from the place i ordered it, but we all know that would end badly. which is the lesser sin - lust or gluttony? hahahahahahahaha! but for reals, if you're ever in Roswell, GA, take your self to Greenwood's Social House and have the chocolate pie.
  • This pay period, we finally implemented the cash envelope system; we've done variations of this before, but haven't quite made it work. Budgets are hard y'all, but i think we've finally gotten the hang of it. By gosh, we're going to find a way to pay for this baby! It is quite amazing how excited I find myself getting over coming in under budget at the grocery store. Loving it! I'm a nerd. It's okay, I've embraced it. But it is also humbling to realize how much we spend when we don't think about it. So all in all, I highly recommend setting your spending money in cash.

Well, that's a wrap! Have a wonderful, wonderful week my friends!