Loving You.

IMG_0194 can i be honest with you for a minute? sometimes, just sometimes, i don't like every minute of my life. in fact, life is just plain sucky sometimes. so this year, one of my goals was to create a gratitude/joy journal. now of course i had high hopes of some uber creative journal, but what reality looks like is a note on my phone where i list something i'm thankful for each day. my hope is that maybe once a month i can transfer it all to something crafty.

i'll tell you one thing, here lately my motivation...for all things, is pretty non-existent. and i'm not really sure why this is the case. but i will tell you that my happiness candle from target sure does make my mood better :)


and then today, i watched the today show and they had a spot on dove and their new curl power initiative. i must be hormonal because i cried like a baby at the video of little girls hating their curly hair and then ended with a party to celebrate it. i tweeted dove and thanked them for their initiative, and now, this picture just may be in a new commercial! :) how awesome is that!?

IMG_0192but, back to motivation and loving your life. sorry...i clearly got side tracked. friends, life is super short. so let's not spend too much time unhappy. there is honestly at least one blessing in every single day, so hone in on it, be aware of it, and let those little sparkles of light brighten your darkness.

peace and blessings, y'all. peace and blessings.