julia child - we have a past.

if you know me, then you know the kitchen is my place. i love to cook. i love to eat. i love to cook and eat. i love to cook for people. it's my thing. so, as you can imagine, the food network, and any other food show is also my thing.

top chef is one of my favorites. a few episodes ago, they did a whole competition with recipes by julia child, and well that spoke right to my heart. because, you see, julia and i have a past. which may explain the overwhelming emotion i had while watching that top chef episode.

i have know my way around a kitchen since i could walk. it started with organizing my granny's kitchen every time i went over there, and my granddaddy would always purposely mess up my masterpiece to watch me get all worked up.

i loved helping granny make chocolate mousse and mac and cheese. we later got more sophisticated with chicken picatta and fajitas.

i loved being in the kitchen with my aunt and uncle...making the WORLD's BEST garlic bread. or parmesan chicken. or baked potatoes. oh and steak. also the best salad's. oh and chicken wings. lol.

then there was mama's kitchen. i was always right there with her when she cooked. when i was little she would give me all of my own tools and i would "make" something from all of her scraps that she was working with. and of course yelling at me not to run when she was baking cakes so they wouldn't fall. she worked and worked and worked with me to teach me to make biscuits. now today, i make some pretty delicious drop biscuits, but i never could get the hang of rolling them out. always too tough. most of my childhood memories took place in someone's kitchen.

but then there was julia.

before food network, there were like 3 cooking shows that came on PBS. yan can cook. justin wilson. and julia child.

every weekend, at some point, mom and i would turn on these shows. i loved julia child and i remember thinking she was so funny. and then i remember being so sad as she got older and had guest cooks on because she wasn't really able to cook anymore. julia wasn't just a tv chef. she was the pioneer of every day women/people learning to cook.

and somehow, watching that top chef episode the other night pulled so many deep emotions about cooking and how the kitchen is "my place". it's how i de-stress. it's my outlet. and quite honestly, not having my mom anymore, i feel close to her when i'm in the kitchen because we spent so much time there together. and we also have julia and the food network. mama loved watching cooking shows too - it was our thing.

and so, i guess i'm just thankful for julia. thankful for her show being something that mom and i had together. but most of all, i'm thankful for the love of the kitchen that is sort of my family thing. it's one tangible evolving memory that i can have no matter what.