I've Been A Busy Girl

Whooooa life...can we slow down just a bit?
No? Ok, well at least I've been busy with fun stuff!
Tonight I had a photo shoot of the cutest little brother/sister you've ever seen!
A couple of weeks ago I headed down to the Stockyards in Fort Worth for a family session.
I was super stoked because it was my first session since moving to Texas!

P.S. - I'm definitely booking for fall photos if anyone's interested. They make the most awesome Christmas gifts!

This past weekend was super crazy, but in the best way possible.
We drove down to Austin to spend the day with my brother, SIL, and nephew.
Look how much he's grown!
He just had surgery a few weeks ago for his cleft palate....he's doing great!

A little bit of auntie love right here!

My super-fabulous cuz Holli threw an awesome Halloween party last weekend too!
Here's my big bro, SIL and nephew and niece.
My heart is just filled to the brim because I see these fine folks almost every weekend!
We've got lots of catching up to do!

And yes, we did set up a photo booth at the Halloween party. ;)
The other exciting part is this is almost all of the cousins on my dad's side. We're only missing two!
Ahhh....love this!

So tell me, did you do anything fun for Halloween?