that's such a horrible title. i know. but there really is no other word for it. i'm literally dumping the last few weeks of instagram photos right here. haha. speaking of, are we insta-friends? we should be. one thing about instagram - i think it helps us to capture moments through the day, big or small, and that's good because it's a nice reminder of all that we have to be thankful for. every minute of every day is a blessing....even if it seems mundane.

so - last week i hit gold status at starbucks. it was kind of a big deal. stupid maybe, but it was like a game trying to get enough stars. i'm lame. but now i'm gonna need you to adore how precious my nephew is in his mummy onesie (his first halloween gift from his auntie!). i can't even. saturday was the perfect day. it involved shopping, feasting, quality time with my man, working out, and then a lovely afternoon cuddled on the couch with an awesome book. and then of course another shot of the "buck", because, well...i love it.

photo 1

a couple of weeks ago some friends of ours from augusta were in town, so we scooted over and had some cheesecake factory goodness with them. love this family fo real. and honestly, why shouldn't you take a picture of pumpkins and chocolate milk? i'm sure there was also some reason for a selfie with crazy curls, but i don't remember what it was. and of course wallace needed a selfie. i mean come on, he's like the coolest dog around.

photo 2

a couple of weeks ago, chris and i spent the day in one of our favorite towns - roswell. i seriously want to live in a house right in the middle of that little square. it's presh. oh, oh, oh! so...i think i told you i bought a milk frother. did i? well i did. $2.99 at world market. it's awesome. look how frothy it is! the kitties are not to be left out either. equal opportunity camera time here. on thursdays, there's a food truck park right outside of my office. mix's up is my i get the buffalo pile which is a burger with french fries, ranch and buffalo sauce on top. and i wonder why i have weight issues.

photo 3

ok, ok, ok. so a few weeks ago, heather and i headed to montgomery, al to attend the chapel market. it was a precious little neighborhood with lots of goodies. how cute are those hot cocoa servers? heather and i both came home with one of those centerpieces too. it was such a beautiful day for the drive out there. pretty sure the cost of gas was more than we actually spent combined, but it was a fun adventure.



what have you been up to lately?