I Need Your Help

Yes bloggers, YOUR help is needed!
As you know, I own a photography business on the side.
I am trying to figure out some of the most effective ways to market my business in order to gain new business.
See, I'd like this to be full time one day.
SO, here's where you come in:
Could you please let me know ANY ideas you have?
What do/did/would you look for in a photographer?
How would I best convey that on my marketing materials?
What are some things you dislike(d)?

Here are a few things I currently have in the works:
*Bridal Shows
*Making brochures to hand out at local businesses (hair salons, pre-schools, churches, etc)

Other ways you could help:
Suggest me to your friends! Even though I live in GA, I'm willing to travel to nearby states (Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina)for regular sessions. And I'm definitely available for destination weddings!!!
I photograph everything that involves babies, families, weddings, engagements, senior portraits, maternity, etc., etc, etc!

This year is actually off to a great start! I can't wait for more sessions once Spring gets here - everything is so pretty then!

Ok, well thanks so much for helping a sista out!