i dreamed a dream...

if money was no object, and you could do anything in the world, what would it be?

for me, i would travel the world. and not just to visit, but to really see it.
i want to experience all that god has created in this earth.
sure, i'd love to visit all the touristy places...paris, tuscany, scotland, london, dublin, etc.
but i want to see all the hidden places too. and the not so glamorous.
india, haiti, africa. the little towns and villages hidden atop the mountains.
the forsaken.
the forgotten.

oh how i'd love to let my camera capture the stories of so many.
the stories of this world.
the stories of those who truly know how to enjoy life as it was meant to be.

sure, compared with american standards, many places in the world seem so desolate and terrible.
but do they know something we don't?
do they know what it is to not take things for granted?
do they know the true meaning and importance of family?
i feel that they do.
i want to know their secrets.

there's a lot of people in this world.
and i feel like a lot of them have stories that need to be told.
i want to be a voice for the voiceless.

so much in this world is so very broken, and it's so much easier to turn our head and pretend we don't know.
but we do.
we do know about the orphan crisis in this world.
we do know about the heinous sex trafficking....most of which happens right here in america.
heck, atlanta, ga is one of the top 5 hubs for human trafficking.

some days i just wish i could do more.
i want to change the world.
i envy those people who have the faith and courage to give up everything they have for the sake of the call to help.

my dream is to tell stories.
not just for telling, but for compelling.
god calls us all to help.
it's really not an option, although we treat it as if it were.
not all dreams stay dreams.
sometimes, every once in a while, they become reality.

things to check out:
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