House Tour

house well good news...i found my month old "before" pictures of the new house! so let's get to it.

couple of disclaimers - these are BEFORE pictures! We've done a lot since these were taken and have a lot more to do! and, in the effort of being real, i did not deep clean before taking them :)


it's kind of hard to see in the pictures, but pretty much the whole house is painted shades of lavender. we are diligently working to change all of that. until then, we're living in a purple wonderland haha!


right when you walk into the house, there's a front living room and dining room. The sofa and chair in here we have since sold. it just didn't really work in that room, so we're opting for something else. i'm thinking probably just chairs - make it a real sitting room. should be fun and practical with the piano in there.

front room


as for the dining room, we've got to replace the light, paint of course, and i'll be painting the china cabinet as well.


kitchen time! so originally this room had red and white wallpaper. the previous owner took it down and painted it this neutral color. but i think it's too much white - too many neutral shades. my plan is to paint the entire downstairs a greige color, and the kitchen will be a country blue, as i like to call it. you can see i have a couple of swatches on the wall...the lighter blue is the one we're going with. i think it will be a nice pop of color since the kitchen is in the middle downstairs. and we plan to upgrade the dishwasher and stove to stainless steel, so it will all flow nicely.

kitchen kitchen

lastly is our den or living room...whatever you want to call it. we've since completed the gallery wall and completely rearranged it. this room has been been by far the most complicated to arrange. while it's a large rectangle, as you can see, the kitchen opens up into it with a half wall, so it has made it a struggle. but the way i have it arranged now (not pictured), just may be the winning combo.

 living room bfast

moving upstairs: let's start with the office. when we first did this, we both had separate offices. but now that we're on the adoption route my office will be the nursery....we'll get to that room in a moment. so this was originally just chris' office, but now it's our joint office. so we're doing a few slight decor changes to make this "ours". i do love the color though. it's called peppercorn by sherwin williams. and of course, the beloved rhino head got prime wall real estate.


ok, so here is where the future baby will live. i'm in love with how the color turned out in here. we knew this would eventually be the baby's room, so when we chose the color, i chose something that would translate into babyland. since i've been planning for a baby for years, i have the nursery decor all planned in my head, so this was easy! and yes, this room is still a disaster, mainly because we're trying to find places for all this crap while we clean it up for our homestudy for the adoption.


and now our bedroom! i'm so excited by this little accessory station i created. it's the perfect "last stop" on my way out every day.

MB 4

this little quasi-dresser we bought at a little junk sale. they had left the drawers the natural wood, so i painted them the color i thought we were going to paint the walls. but since all that has changed, i'll paint them again. we're actually going to move this piece downstairs in the living room and i've got a different dresser we'll put in here. More about that adventure later.

MB 3 MB 2 Master Bedroom master bath bath 2

last stop is the guest room. it was already painted a dark blue and we decided to leave it. my fabulous yard sale find went perfectly in there!


again, this is a room in process. like for reals.

guest room

and there you have it. officially the longest post ever, but hey, there's pictures! i can't wait to get a few projects completed so i can share some updates!