Hilarity Ensues.

Yesterday I told you about our new home purchase. Now let me fill you in on the reality that is my life. The closing should have taken 30 minutes. Instead it took 4.5 hours. Why? Oh, our lovely blank routed our bank wire of our down payment somewhere internationally instead of domestic and no one could seem to find it.

Promptly after finally receiving our keys, we ran to our apartment to let out the dog. And I had to pee. And promptly after doing such, I dropped my phone in the toilet. Before flushing. The phone died. Dead. Done. Ah, at least it wasn't poop. I tried putting it in rice, but there was no hope. And of course my replacement phone wasn't coming until Monday, so I got me one of those prepaid phones...you know, a burner phone. That was awesome.

Saturday morning we had the cable/internet/home security guy coming to the new house and movers coming to the apartment. Of course they give you a 4 hour window, but they were supposed to call 30 minutes ahead of time. Instead, they called after the tech was at the house waiting for us. We promised we'd be there in 10 minutes, which really took 20, and by the time we got there, he had left. He finally came back around 11 and left at 6. Seven hours people. In the ideal world, the movers would've been delivering my stuff, but this is me we're talking about. The movers showed up to the apartment two hours late only to decide they didn't bring a big enough truck and had to reschedule for Sunday.

Sunday the movers were an hour late and somehow it took them FIVE hours to move us. We do NOT have five hours worth of belongings. Alas, they finished...and by finished, I mean everything we own is crammed into one room of our house. But my granny and aunt came and helped me get the dining room and kitchen unpacked, so that was a huge help.

Then came Monday. On Monday I thought we needed a little more excitement, so I locked us completely out of the house. Chris's uncle had to come by and TEAR OFF our door knob. So...we got new door knobs and locks!

Needless to say, we're exhausted. But this is my life and is most definitely to be expected. Here's to hoping for a much more productive weekend!