Hey Y'all!

Well hey y'all! I'm currently driving a long open road to the wonderful state of Oklahoma.
Well since this is my first visit I don't actually know if it's wonderful or not.
Here's to wishful thinking.
I'm so extremely excited to get out here tho!
I've missed my family!!!
I'm sure I will have soooo much to blog about over the next few days!

So far on the drive I have been completely mesmerized by the farm land.....something about the life of a farmer completely captivated me.
It just seems like such a happy life.
I know there's tons of hard work, but it's honest work.
I'm drawn to the simplicity of it.
Maybe in my next life I'll be a farmers wife!
Maybe it's just me being envious of...I don't know...the Pioneer Woman!

Ahhhh....day dreams.

Have a fabulous Tuesday!

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