Here We Go Again

Happy Monday my peeps!

Hope your weekend was fantastic!
You're looking mighty fine today readers!!!
Nothing too eventful about my weekend, so I won't bore you with a recap. I will however elaborate a little bit on a post from last week. You know, the one where I was re-evaluating my life.
So, tonight is The Style Network's premier of Too Fat for Fifteen.
It's a show about teens trying to lose weight.
And so today, I would like to premier the new blog topic here on The Crazy Life of LT. Please join me for Too Fat For 26/27.

a.) I say 26/27 because I'll be 27 next month
b.) I'm too fat for any age of life, but especially for my twenties. I really don't want to look back on my life and see that I spent all of my twenties fat. Really, I have. Since like age 22. Fat, fat, fat.
c.) Every Monday will be a weight loss recap. I promise not to bore you to death on this journey. I don't really want my blog to be all about weight loss, but it's a major factor in my life, and well, this blog is about my life.
Today is day one of no sugar. Yes, no sugar. I've never really been a sugar addict until recently. It's like lately I need dessert every night. Can we say hello to Jell-O 60 calorie sugar free snacks???
I will start with this. I feel like if I slowly start taking things away and finding new, healthier replacements, this journey will be a lot more successful. So this week is sugar. And by sugar, I mean sweets. I'm not ready to start on carbs yet......maybe next week on that one.
This week is strictly getting in the gym every day for 45 min-1hr and no sugar.
***sidenote: the gym regimen is by doctor's orders. my pcos has basically stopped my metabolism, therefore a daily workout is necessary.***
We'll see how this goes! I'm trying to be positive!