hello beautiful weekend.

i simply could not be more thrilled that this week has come to an end. it's been a long one for sure. it's supposed to be absolutely divine on the weather front here this weekend and for the first time in a while, we have no set plans. praise jesus hallelujah. i however, have dreamed up a few things for saturday and i'm just so excited. farmers market, a visit to one of my most favorite towns, lunch at one of my most favorite places, and then window shopping for a new dresser. that sounds divine in my little head. simply divine.

today, chris is going to see a new doctor group that treats things a bit more holistically. we are hoping they can get to the bottom of the stomach issues that have taken over his life in the last 5 years or so. if so, it would be a miracle and i will send everyone i know there.

i'm also hoping to get some inspiration this weekend to finally finish decorating our little apartment. it's just missing something and i'm determined to find it. and some pumpkins. yes, i think those will help.

what are your weekend plans?