Headed for the Hills

Thursday was our TEN YEAR anniversary! Holla! (More on that later). We headed to Tennessee to spend a few days basking in the wonderfulness that is fall in the mountains. One of my favorite places on earth is Cades Cove. We drove through quickly just to see the goodness, and of course, recreate a photo from 4 years ago. We've become much cooler since then.IMG_0075


Somehow, this handsome fella ended up with.....this psycho:

IMG_0069 IMG_0060 IMG_0059

Oh who are we kidding, we're both cray.

IMG_0057 IMG_0054 IMG_0040 IMG_0032 IMG_0027 IMG_0024 IMG_0023 IMG_0018 IMG_0015 IMG_0007 IMG_0004 IMG_0003 IMG_0001

it was fabulous. really.

And just for fun - here's the pic we took in the same place back in 2010: