last night, a girlfriend of mine and i went to The Grove, which is a monthly women's gathering at passion city church. i just love being in a room with thousands of women there for the same purpose. there's just something wonderful about it. the topic of the night was grace, which always a good thing. but shelley put a nice little spin on it. she made the statement that when we are super judgmental of others it is a reflection of the grace we have received.

so to put it this way - if you find yourself constantly judging others and focusing on the faults of others, have you truly received all of the grace that Jesus has given to you.

it is by GRACE we are saved. unmerited favor. and if we are to love as Jesus loves, then that means we don't earn one another's favor. nothing we do or don't do changes the grace that is available to us. the grace that completely sustains us.

so my question to you today is this:

have you fully allowed yourself to receive ALL of the grace Jesus has poured over you? because if you have, and you truly grasp that, then there's no possible way you could have a judgmental bone in your body. grace overflows and you can't help but pour it onto others.

there's a saying at the grove called being shade to others. this world is hard and we are all struggling with something. so we need to be shade, a place of refuge from the scorching sun to those around us. take a moment and provide some "shade" to those around you.